Exceeding Expectations

Breakfast Cereals: Our breakfast cereal includes granular, ready to eat porridge, oats, bran and muesli of high quality in both large and convenient small packaging size.

Jams & Jellies: Our jams, jellies and marmalade are made from fresh fruits and available in different packaging.

Biscuits & Cookies: Short Bread, Oat Cakes, Digestive Biscuits, Chocolate Biscuits are some of the varieties we offer.

Spreads & Honey: Caramel & Peanut spread, Chocolate Spread and Manuka Honey of New Zealand.

Chocolates & Confectionery: Our large assortment of Belgian Chocolates are perfect match for all occasions and are available in convenient small and large gift packaging, quality caramel fudges, toffees, jelly beans and gums. 

Pastas & Noodles: We provide Italian made quality pastas in various design and sizes available in different sizes, our noodles are available in small ready to eat bowls and pouches in five different flavours.

Stacked Chips & Savory Snacks: Our stacked chips come in three different flavors with trendy and convenient cardboard cans, savory crackers comes in different shapes and tastes.

Juices & Drinks: We supply pure fruit juices in different sizes and packaging, soft drinks include carbonated and fizzy in tin cans and pet bottles.


Mafworth Limited entered into packaged food industry with a clear understanding of supplying European and US manufactured food items to the GCC region and have developed strategic partnership with large food manufacturers to cater the need of our clients in GCC for branded as well as own label food products. Our packaged foods are designed for contemporary life style with good in taste and healthy in substance.

Our products include breakfast cereals like porridge & oats, Jams, Jellies, Marmalade and Spreads, Honey, Biscuits, Cookies, Chocolates & Confectioneries, Pastas, Noodles, Stacked Chips, Potato Chips and Crackers, Savory Snacks, Nuts, Juices and soft drinks.