Exceeding Expectations


In order to remain competitive suppliers need to adjust their value proposition with changing trends and fashions and cater the need of the consumers by offering customized solutions to the challenges of their fast paced lifestyles.  Keeping in view the emerging trends of own/private labels we developed competency of providing customized solutions to our customers demand for developing private /own labels across all the products categories. 

We deliver private label products that match or outperformed their branded alternative at a lower price. Private label not only increase gross revenue of the retailer but it also provide retailers with a strong bargaining tools and an effective leverage to negotiate pricing for the brand with its manufacturer. Private labels offers numerous advantages to sellers like control over pricing, put forth their own marketing plan/strategy and execute them with their own marketing needs and demand, create a personalized image of their offerings thereby leading to higher customer loyalty and higher control on production, marketing, distribution and profit. 

Mafworth Limited facilitates its business partners to cope with market challenges emanating from brand manufacturers by providing them with marketing and strategic solutions, we have developed strategic alliances with large packaged food and nonfood manufacturers in Europe and America to provide private labels of three main categories – mainstream private label, value private label and premium private label in all product categories.